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Products and achievements

Most of the production concerns products with particular technical characteristics and construction experience resulting from years of work. We also take care of the design for most of what has been built, which is carried out for the preliminary phase at our headquarters and for the executive and construction part at external studios with which we collaborate.

We build cranes up to 100 tons of capacity and light up to 40/50 meters. Overhead cranes also with important characteristics, Fast lifting winches for mine work up to 300 meters of vertical travel; Towing winches and translation systems di excavation machines, such as TBMs, complete. Disassembly and handling of parts of machinery with large weights in tunnels and inside wells or outside.

Implementation and verification of industrial hyperbaric chambers to be applied to excavation machines. Revision and certification of gantry cranes, construction and design of lifting tools and gripping of particular pieces, of clamshell buckets for the unloading of excavated materials from wells; construction of wagons for the transport of excavated materials, construction of port-boats for construction docks and dry docking for shipyards, construction of blondin with spans up to 500-1000 meters and capacity up to 15 tons.

Civil and industrial buildings for supermarkets and shopping centers. On request we can examine what is necessary for you and feasible for us.

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