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Design and Production of Light and Heavy Metal Carpentry

Light metal carpentry involves the construction of small metal products and relatively low weights (1000 kg), such as the construction of stairs, parapets, railings, canopies for shopping centers etc.
Heavy metal carpentry consists in the production of artifacts in which the single piece (inside the adamantis workshops) can weigh up to 100 tons. (temporary bridges S. Giovanni, frontal shield Australia GROSVENOR).

This involves the processing (cutting, bending, welding) of thick metal sheets (up to 150-200 mm) and large metal profiles (HEB 800, forged pipes, etc.) for the construction of shields for TBMs, structures bearing for gantry cranes etc ..
The Adamantis workshop performs mechanical machining on components of this size thanks to the use of carousel lathes up to 5.5m in diameter and multi-axis cutters with a worktable up to 12 m, and highly qualified personnel.

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