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From design to production of Gantry Cranes

The gantry cranes consist of a main structure made with load-bearing box or profile beams coupled by means of a vertical support structure to the motorized sliding heads on the ground.
The lifting is carried out by means of a device which, according to the needs, differs between a hoist or a motorized rope winch sliding on the rail arranged on the upper flange of the beam.

The gantry cranes built by Adamantis can have as an accessory a slingbar which, associated with a particular carpentry installed on the crane legs, allows the lifting and subsequent emptying of wagons containing earth from the excavation of tunnels for roads or subways.

Gantry crane imperial holes

Gantry crane double winch 38 + 40 TON Via Sannio

Metro Bucharest 60 ton gantry crane

60 ton gantry crane, complete with winder, tilter and extension to the central support BUCHAREST Type: Main mechanical works Client: ASTALDI METRO BUCHAREST

Self-propelled gantry crane capacity 6 tons. Copenhagen

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